Lab members and alumni


Alice Mason

PhD students

Savannah Moscarda (multiple goal pursuit)
Olga Clarke (grouping in episodic memory)
Anthony Di Pietro (economic judgement and decision-making)
Blake Cavve (decision-making in a social context)
Georgiana Cheuk (serial recall; with Mark Hurlstone)
Marton Kocsis (working memory and decision-making)

Second supervisor to:

Michael Wilson (task interruptions; co-supervisor)
Matthew Andreotta (mental models; co-supervisor)
Jack Hutchinson (task automation)
Jasmyne Sanderson (misinformation effects)
Robbie Knox (language ability and communication)
Jane Allitt (attention to food stimuli)

Honours students

Clare Boon Vanika Lall Georgia White

Research assistance

Charles Hanich

Past PhD students

Robert Udale (Postdoc, Oxford)
Alice Mason (Postdoc, Bristol, UWA)
Adnane Ez-Zizzi (Postdoc, Sheffield)
Beki Floyd
Tim Jones (The National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care West, UK)
Vicky Edkins

Visiting students

Sho Ishiguro (2018)
Greta Fastrich (2013)
Artemis Maipa (2013)

Past Honours/3rd year project students (not otherwise listed above)

Erin Roznoczny Luke Le Breton
Amy Lorimer
Savannah Moscarda
Anindita Karajagi
Hannah Jennings
Jianing Li