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Simon Farrell bio photo By Simon Farrell

This is the website for our (Simon Farrell and Stephan Lewandowsky) new book Computational Modeling of Cognition and Behavior. The book presents an integrated framework for the development and application of models in psychology and related disciplines. Researchers and students are given the knowledge and tools to interpret models published in their area, as well as to develop, fit, and test their own models. Both the development of models and key features of any model are covered, as are the applications of models in a variety of domains across the behavioural sciences. A number of chapters are devoted to fitting models using maximum likelihood and Bayesian estimation, including fitting hierarchical and mixture models. Model comparison is described as a core philosophy of scientific inference, and the use of models to understand theories and advance scientific discourse is explained. The target publication for the book is November 2017, and it is available for pre-order now.

This website is our author-run support site. Over time the site will be updated with exercises accompanying the chapters (with some solutions), the code for all the examples in the book, and a blog building on and extending the material in the book. Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions for post topics, or questions about material in the book, don’t hesitate to contact Simon Farrell or Stephan Lewandowsky.