This page lists errata organised by chapter and page, with credit to error-spotters. If you spot and error, please email Simon Farrell.

1. Introduction

p. 8 and p. 16: In the captions of both the Figures 1.4 (on p.8) and 1.8 (on p.16), there is a typo in the title of the Nosofsky (1991) publication. “Tests of an exemplar mode…” should read: “Tests of an exemplar model…” [Thanks to Paolo Petta]

4. Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation

p. 83: The caption to Figure 4.5 is incorrect: the top panel of Figure 4.5 plots the probability density p(t | m). [Thanks to Daniel Kraußer]

p. 95: The first line should refer to parameters m and a of the Wald model (not parameters m and s). [Thanks to Daniel Kraußer]

5. Combining Information from Multiple Participants

pp. 110–111: Listing 5.1 and surrounding text refer to dat as having participants in rows, and data in columns. The reverse is true: each column is a participant, so that dat has nobs rows and nsubj columns. [Thanks to Chris Street of University of Huddersfield]

7. Bayesian Parameter Estimation

Listings 7.3 and 7.4 contain an error. Instead of g*dunif(data, -180, 180) in Listing 7.3, line 35, and Listing 7.4, lines 6-7, it should be g*rep(1,length(data))/(2*pi). A full explanation and correction. [Thanks to Grant Shields of UC Davis]

9. Multilevel or Hierarchical Modelling

p. 213, Figure 9.5: The arrow from \(k_{ij}\) to \(\theta_{ij}\) in the figure should be reversed [Thanks to Víthor Rosa Franco]:


The correct reference for Nosofsky (1986) is Nosofsky, R. M. (1986). Attention, similarity, and the identification-categorization relationship. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 115, 39–57. [Thanks to Paolo Petta]